The Our Catholic Faith study combines Faith Formation with Evangelization. Based upon Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of
the Catholic Church, this 12 week study brings together Catholics
who are seeking a deeper understanding of their faith.

The fullness and richness of the Catholic faith is found through
Sacred Scripture and the oral Tradition of the Apostles. Likewise,
the Our Catholic Faith study, while sufficient in its written format,
is not complete until it is shared within a small group.

Groups are comprised of 12 participants. Each participant selects a topic from the study guide and prepares a presentation based upon the goals, objectives, and recommended resources clearly defined in
each chapter.

Through this process, the participant discovers the vast amount of resources available for Catholics, gains a deeper understanding of the faith, and acquires the tools needed to share it with others.

Affordable and easily implemented, the Our Catholic Faith study
can be started with minimal effort.