FAQs for Participants
1. Is it necessary for everyone to give a presentation?
Yes. The format of this study is for each participant to present a topic. The purpose of this format is to encourage self-study and confidence when sharing the faith. By internalizing the material through personal study and sharing it with others, participants will experience the fullness of what this study has to offer.
2. How long does my presentation need to be?
The length of the presentation depends upon the lesson goals and objectives outlined in the study guide. However, most presentations with group discussion usually last an hour and a half.
3. How should I give my presentation?
Presentation styles differ among individuals. The only requirement is that you provide a handout with your lesson and that you present the objectives outlined in the study guide.
4. Can I use resources other than those listed in the study guide?
It is required that each participant use the Catechism of the Catholic Church and a Catholic Bible. You may use other resources in addition to those listed in the Study Guide. However utmost care must be taken to make sure all resources teach authentic Catholic doctrine.
5. Do I have to attend all 12 sessions?
Yes. Since the lessons presented build upon each other, it is highly recommended that participants miss not more than 2 sessions.
6. I will be out of town the week my presentation is due. Can I give my
    presentation out of order?
In some cases, you may present your topic out of order. If necessary, discuss this possibility
with your facilitator.
7. Can I bring an "expert" on my topic, to help me present the lesson?
No. It is important that the participant present his or her own lesson. The only "expert" who
may attend a presentation is a member of the clergy.