Our Catholic Faith was started in 2001 when a group of Catholic women wanted to know more about their faith. As cradle Catholics and converts, they became frustrated when they tried to defend their beliefs to Protestant friends. They felt the need to study the faith and came together as a group to do so.

What transpired as they studied surprised all of them. Through their experience, they not only learned what the Church taught, but also learned how to share it. Within 12 weeks, their lives were transformed and their faith was deepened.

With the encouragement and support of Una Fides, a lay apostolate at St. James Cathedral in Orlando, Florida, the word spread. Others wanted to learn about the Catholic faith the same way. As each group completed the 12-week study, participants would gather their friends and start another study group.

Over the course of 3 years, the Our Catholic Faith study had expanded to multiple parishes.  With the increase in popularity, it became evident that the study needed an approved format that would continue to ensure authentic teaching. In 2008, the study was granted an Imprimatur by the Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, who is now Archbishop of Miami, Florida.  That same year, it was published by Dominicus Press, Inc. 

Several years later, Our Catholic Faith was translated into Spanish.  Nuestra Fe Católica was granted an Imprimatur by the Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando, Florida.  Publication of Nuestra Fe Católica was completed in 2011. 

To date Our Catholic Faith and Nuestra Fe Católica  continue to grow beyond the Orlando Diocese. The study is answering a need among the faithful and is strengthening Catholics for today’s world.